About Us

About Us

“Shri Bharatvarshiya Digamber Jain Mahasabha” is one of the oldest representative organization of “Akhil Bharatvarshiya Digamber Jain Samaj”.

This organization has continuously been working for the development and welfare of the society and also spreading Jainism since more than a century in the country. Whenever the society or Religion has ever faced any threat or any uncomfortable or unfavorable situations from any corner such as entering the untouchables in the temples, Jabalpur episode, incidents concerning to ‘Suryakirti’ or series of events happened in ‘Sammed Shikharji’ ‘GIRNARJI’ or “Kesariyajee” etc, the ‘Mahasabha’ has played a leading role to deal with all such unfavorable happenings with full determination and dedication. During the year 1924, Mahasabha pleaded that “Jain Dharma” be given a due recognition in the form of an independent religion under the able guidance & supervision of Bariester Champat Rai Ji. It also pleaded the Indian government to introduce ‘Jain Laws’ to be applicable to Jain’s.

Mahasabha has done an outstanding & remarkable work in many fields of Jain religion. It has abolished many social evils, from the society. Not only this, it has brought a revolutionary changes in the Jain Samaj by honoring the learned, eminent scholars, devotional and dedicated workers with setting of an example of, ‘Satyam Shivam & Sunderam’. In true sense of words it has opened a new horizon for the young generation of Digamber Jain Community in the country.

The valuable services and the contribution which the ‘Mahasabha’ has rendered under the able guidance and supervision of its first patron Shreemaan Rai Raja Teerth Bhakt Shiromani & benevolent ‘Late Shri Sir Seth Hukum Chand Ji’, Shri Capton Dharmveerji, Raja Shri Dwarka Das Ji Raes, Seth Shri Manak Chand Ji, J.P Lal Shri Jammu Prasad Ji Raes, Ba. Shri Gulab Chand Ji Raes, Rai Bahadur Seth Shri Teekam Chand Ji Soni, Barrister Shri Champat Rai Ji, Seth Shri Rauji Sakharam Ji Dosi, Br.Nemi Sagar Ji Barni, La. Shri Devi Sahai Ji, Seth Shri Mohanlal Ji, La. Shri Jammu Prasad Ji, Seth Shri Gambhirmal Ji Pandya, Seth Shri Motilal Ji Gulabsabji, Ku.Motilal Ji Raniwala, Pandit Srilal Ji Patni, Raibahadur Seth Shri Hulasrai Ji, Seth Shri Ratanlal Ji, Seth Shri Gareeb Das Ji, Seth Shri Chandrabhan Ji, Seth Shri Gaindmal Ji Javeri, Raibahadur Sarseth Shri Bhaagchand Ji Soni, Srimaan Daanveer Jain Ratna Raibahadur Seth Rajkumar Singh Ji and ‘Seth Shri Heeralal Kasliwal’ will always be remembered in the history of Jain Samaj. At present the “MAHASABHA” is extending its unique and selfless services and contribution in the field of Jainism and JAIN SAMAJ with the cooperation, association and directions of its dynamic, able, dedicated, active and qualified designated officials a lot of extraordinary work and achievements have successfully been undertaken with the associations of the form and Presidents of ‘MAHASABHA’ Viz: Shri Seth Bhanwarilal Ji Bakliwal, Raibahadur Seth Chandmal Ji Pandya, Shri Laxmi Chand Ji Chabda, Pt. KunjiLal Ji Shastri, Pt. Narender Prakash Ji Jain etc.

MAHASABHA is deeply obliged to have the blessings of His Holiness of Shri 108 Aacharya Charitra Chakravarti Shanti Sagar Ji Maharaj, Shri 108 Aacharya Veer Sagar Ji Maharaj, Aacharya Shri Mahaveer Kirti Ji Maharaj, Aacharya Shri Gyan Sagar Ji Maharaj, Shri 108 Aacharya Shivsagar Ji Maharaj, Shri 108 Aacharya Dharamsagar Ji Maharaj, Aacharya Shri Ajitsagar Ji Maharaj, Aacharya Shri Bimalsagar Ji Maharaj & Acharya Shri Sanmati Sagar Ji Maharaj, Acharya Shri Bahubali Ji Maharaj. At present besides above the Mahasabha is being blessed with his Holiness Shri 108 Aacharya Vardhaman Sagar Ji Maharaj and Shri 108 Aacharya Vidhya Sagar Ji Maharaj, Acharya Shri Vidhyanandi Ji Maharaj, Acharya Shri Pushpender sagar Ji Maharaj, Ganini Ariyaka Gyanmati MataJi, Ariyika Shri Suparshvati mataji, Ganini Ariyika Shri Vishudhmati Mataji, Ganini Ariyika Chandra Mati Mataji, Ganini Ariyika Shayadwad mati Mataji etc. & with all saints.

In addition to this, Mahasabha is also getting full support and cooperation from the learned & known scholars, active supporters & workers from all over the country.

News & Updates

  • सादर जय जिनेन्द्र! मुझे आपको यह अवगत कराते हुए असीम प्रसन्नता हो रही है कि श्री भारतवर्षीय दिगम्बर जैन तीर्थ संरक्षिणी महासभा द्वारा स्थापित ‘‘जैन
  • श्री निर्मल कुमार जैन सेठी हीरक जयंती आयोजन समिति की आवश्यक बैठक शुक्रवार 5 जुलाई 2013 सायः 5 बजे महासभा कार्यालय 5, खण्ड़ेलवाल जैन मंदिर,
  • कटनी (मध्य प्रदेश) दिनांक 28 जुलाई, 2013 जैन राजनैतिक चेतना मंच के राष्ट्रीय अधिवेशन में जयुपर, दिल्ली, जबलपुर, भोपाल, हरियाणा, विदिशा, सतना, खरगौन, हरदा, रायपुर,
  • कम से कम पाँच विधायक जैन समाज के दिल्ली विधानसभा में पहुँचे……-निर्मल कुमार सेठी नई दिल्ली 5 सितम्बर, 2013 जैन राजनैतिक चेतना मंच की दिल्ली
  • श्रीलंका भ्रमण के लिए महासभा प्रतिनिधि मण्डल की Shri Kapila Fonseka, Minister-Sri Lanka High Commission से मुलाकात सोमवार, 30 सितम्बर 2013 को श्रीमान् निर्मलकुमार जी